Australia’s 3 Must-See Attractions

Any list of the most popular attractions in Australia is subjective to some extent, although there are three sights that should be on any visitor’s list.

 1. Uluru

Uluru, originally named Ayers Rock, is one of the continent’s most spectacular natural wonders. The huge sandstone monolith, which is located almost in the center of the country, has some impressive statistics. It’s 348 meters high, with a circumference of just over 9 km. The rock has been sacred to the Aboriginal people for millennia, and seeing it is an unforgettable experience. Although hiking to the summit is no longer allowed, a helicopter tour of Uluru and the surrounding desert is perhaps the best way to appreciate it.

2. Great Barrier Reef

Another spectacular natural wonder is the Great Barrier Reef, which stretches for 2,300 km off Australia’s east coast. Formed by billions of coral polyps, the reef can be seen from space and is comprised of almost 3,000 individual reefs. Dozens of tour companies offer sightseeing tours of the reef; there’s no doubt that diving around the reef is one of the best ways to see this wonder of nature. In recent years, tour companies have focused more on conservation, and efforts are ongoing to make sure the reef can be enjoyed by future generations.

3. Sydney

Most visitors to Australia start their trip in Sydney, one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Sydney is also home to the city’s man made and must see attraction, the Harbour Bridge. This iconic structure has become one of the symbols of Australia, and is one of the most recognizable bridges in the world. It was built in 1932 and its distinctive shape has given it the nickname of the Coathanger. The bridge spans almost 1,150 meters and connects downtown Sydney to the city’s North Shore. The bridge, along with the equally iconic Opera House, can be seen from many places around the city. However, for the best bridge views, you can actually walk across the top of the bridge. A trained guide will take you and a small group safely across the huge arch, up to a height of 134 meters. It’s one wonderful experience in a country not short on memorable experiences.