Improve Your Business Visibility Through Promotional Products

Every business out there is trying hard to get itself noticed and grab the attention of potential customers. To get your brand in front of your customers, you need to improve your business visibility. You need to make your brand stand out from the competition. Promotions Warehouse is a promotional products supplier that can help with increasing organizational visibility.

Benefits of Promotional Products in Visibility Marketing

Promotional products offer significant benefits in the world of visibility marketing. 73% of marketers say they prefer promotional products over other types of advertising. About 85% of people who receive promotional products say that they remember the brand that gave it to them.

83% of people enjoy receiving free things and ninety-one percent have at least one promotional item in their kitchen. 85% became a customer after receiving a branded giveaway.

• You Can Reach More People with The Same Product

Offering promotional products means your contact details and logo will be seen by those around your customer as well the person using the product. The notepad you giveaway will be witnessed in use during meetings. The travel mug will be seen by everyone during the daily commute.

• Creates Brand Memorability Not Just Visibility

Many people will see your logo and become aware of what you do, but it is more than simply gaining brand recognition; you will become the brand of choice when they want what you offer.

Desk accessories are kept for an average of 14 months. Therefore, for those 14 months, they will be looking at your brand several times a day.

• Makes Your Brand Desirable

Promotional items not only give you leads but also make your brand desirable. If you provide a trendsetting gift, people will want it when they see others wearing it.

• Products Get Used Time and Again

A branded gift isn’t something that is used once. A t-shirt, a branded bracelet, a handy mug; people use promotional products all the time. Why buy something when you have a freebie in your house or office?

Every time someone uses a branded giveaway, they will think about your brand. A logo on a mug is a constant reminder about your brand.

• Boosts the Loyalty of Existing Customers

Promotional items are not only for enticing new customers. The branded t-shirt at a trade show will attract new clients, but more selective products can be used to boost the loyalty of existing customers.

Sending existing clients gifts during their customer anniversary will make them feel valued. Offering a customer a gift on their next order can make them return to your business.

How to Choose Engaging Promotional Products for Maximum Business Visibility

Branded giveaways are only valuable when they are useful to your customers. People will be motivated to keep your items longer if they have functional value.

• Choose Popular Product Categories

There are unlimited options for promotional products. To have a high success rate, stick with popular product categories. These include t-shirts, bags, drinkware, caps, desk supplies, USB drives, and calendars.

• Have a Clear Objective

Before you invest in branded giveaways, you should know what you want to accomplish. Failure to have a clear objective will lead to waste of money.

• Learn About Your Audience

The more you understand your customers, the easier will it be to find products that make a lasting impression. Factors to consider include occupation, gender, age, and social status.

Think about the lifestyles of the people you are targeting. Are you selling to men or women? Businesses or consumers? Older adults or younger adults? Skilled tradespeople or athletes?

• Measure Your Progress

All your marketing efforts will be pointless if you can’t measure your return on investment (ROI). Surveys off the best way of measuring ROI.

Most Effective Promotional Products for Improving Business Visibility

• Pens

89% of consumers own promotional pens and they are kept for an average of nine months. Pens are also relatively inexpensive.

• T-shirts

If you want your customers and employees to be a walking billboard of your brand, you should give them promotional t-shirts. They will put your business name in front of many eyes.

• Calendars

Calendars will help your customers track their daily schedules. They will put your brand in front of customers every day of the year.

Other popular items include:

  • Hats
  • Desk accessories
  • Outerwear
  • Drinkware
  • Bags
  • Facemasks

The Bottom-Line

Your brand’s visibility is key to growing your business. Customers need to be aware of your business and what you offer. Improving your business visibility should be the main driver of marketing plans.