Plumbers are some of the most versatile handymen in Australia, with the majority, if not all of them, boasting a range of qualifications and certificates to complement their hands-on training and experience. But as a home owner, will you really be willing to trust your next plumbing project to any old service provider? They might all specialise in the same services, but no two will be the same as far as their personal capabilities and skillsets are concerned.

Wouldn’t you prefer to ensure that you choose the best plumber; one that will A) keep their costs low and B) take care of your needs without delay? Sure, you could pick the first name that comes out of a hat – but why leave things to chance? Here are a few tips to help you with hiring the right plumber and if this doesn’t sway your decision, then we’ll come and fix your plumbing issue wearing nothing but a tool belt (and maybe a blanket if it’s cold).

Your budget should be a priority

If we told you that you genuinely shouldn’t have to pay a ridiculous amount of cash to have your plumbing project taken care of by an expert, would you believe us? We’d like to think so – but just in case, here’s a little evidence for you. First of all, there are likely to be dozens of reputable plumbers in any given area. It won’t matter if you’re in the suburbs of Melbourne, or at the top of a mountain; plumbing specialists are everywhere. Use this to your advantage, as they will usually want to keep their rates as low as possible in a bid to obtain your custom.

How urgent is your problem?

If you’re looking at a burst pipe straight in the face, then the chances are that you will need someone else to dial a plumber’s emergency number for you. If you’ve just spotted a minor leak on the other hand, then why force yourself to pay for the urgent call out fee? If you have no choice, then by all means get in touch with a plumbing agency as quickly as possible! If you can wait a few days, why not book their services in advance and ask them to guarantee that they’ll be with you on the day that you’ve scheduled them in for?

Where are you located?

If you are in the middle of nowhere – which, if we’re honest, is more likely than not in the land down under, then you might want to consider keeping your plumber as local to your home as possible. Otherwise, you might find that they charge travel fees that are even greater than the actual service. Sure, you could go for a service that you know and trust that’s a little further afield; but only if they don’t mind the journey and won’t add to your bill as a result. As we mentioned earlier, a good plumber shouldn’t have to cost a fortune and if you can save yourself cash by keeping things local; do it!

If you feel a little more confident about hiring a good plumber now, then we’ve done our jobs. We know what we’d do in your position and that would be to hire the best plumber Melbourne has to offer! What about you?