Making Your Child’s First Haircut Special

That first haircut can be traumatic… for parents. Once you come to terms with the fact your little baby is growing up, the rest should be easy. Now you can turn your attention to the potential for anxiety in your child. Remember, your child takes cues from you. If you can handle the stress, your child can, too. However, there are a few tricks that will make the experience more pleasant for everyone.

If you have the chance, get your hair cut in front of your child. That gives you the opportunity to demonstrate it is an enjoyable experience. Emphasise that only big girls and boys can get their hair cut. That makes it something desirable which is half the battle when it comes to making the first haircut a positive experience.

Select a stylist like Cuts In Character who have experience with children. A hair salon can be noisy and confusing. Choosing the right stylist means you will be starting off in the right direction. The rest is good old parent propaganda. Also, avoid picking a time of day, like nap time, that might be a problem.

Provide stability. That means, make everything as familiar as possible. Do not forget the pacifier if your child uses one. Take along a favourite toy and whatever else provides your child comfort. If there’s a special blanket, make sure you don’t forget it. These things can be annoying to a stylist which is why it is important to choose one who is accustomed to working with young children.

Bring a few adult friends who will enjoy acting as cheerleaders. You can all keep your child occupied. Children are easily distracted, and interacting with your child is a great opportunity to provide a pleasant distraction from anything that might cause a problem. This can also be a distraction for the stylist which is another good reason to choose one who has experience with children.

You don’t need any aggravation, either. Bring along a change of clothes in case anything gets dirty. That eliminates a possible source of stress. Also, bring some special treats that can be offered as a reward when the haircut is done. You can include a snack that can be eaten during the haircut that will not be messy.

If you do what you can to eliminate potential problems and create a pleasant environment, it will become a special, happy memory you will both treasure.