Creating The Perfect Picnic Hamper

One of the best ways of taking a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life is to go on a picnic. You will need to look for a suitable picnic site where you can have the picnic with your loved one, family or friends. The contents of the picnic basket will differ depending on whom it is intended for. In case of a family picnic, some food, fresh fruits, tasty treats, fruit juices, bottled water, peanuts and ground nuts can all be included in the picnic basket. In case you’re going on a picnic with your loved one or other adults, you can carry a bottle of wine, beer or some rare hard liquor. At Express4Fruits in UK, you can shop around for the perfect picnic hamper for your next picnic.


What to Include in a Picnic Gift Hamper


i) Wine

Wine is the perfect item to include in a picnic gift hamper. There are many types of wines available on the market, and they are all different. A key factor of consideration is pricing. You do not want something very cheap or a wine bottle that will put a strain on your finances. Secondly, you have to consider the alcohol content. The best wine varieties usually have low to moderate alcohol content. This is crucial because you do not want the person, you’re sending the gift hamper to get drunk during the picnic. If the intended recipient of the hamper has a favorite wine variety, you should consider adding the wine variety to the gift hamper. Please note that there are some alcohol-free wine varieties you can consider if you want to have an alcohol-free picnic.


ii) Tasty Treats

Wine goes well with cheese, so be sure to add cheese products to the hamper. To enhance the experience, you need to also add cookies, dried fruits, pretzels, crisps and other tasty treats to the gift basket. Biscuits, nuts and chocolate are also wonderful additions to any picnic gift hamper. It is crucial you shop around to identify the best of everything. For instance, there are many varieties of chocolates and cookies, so be sure to take time to shop around to identify the best tasty treats for the type of wine you want to buy.


iii) Fresh Fruits

In addition to dried fruits, you should consider adding fresh fruits, such as grapes, apples, pears, strawberries and watermelons among other things. Fruits are packed with vitamins and are always healthy, so it is recommended you add a few fruit varieties to the picnic hamper. Some fruits are available throughout the year while others are seasonal. Be sure to include both categories of fruits in your picnic hamper.


Choice of Picnic Basket

When sending someone a picnic hamper, it is best you pick a great-looking picnic basket to accompany the contents of the hamper. Luxury wicker picnic baskets are the best. They come in a variety of designs, so be sure to shop around to identify the best wicker picnic baskets for your taste. As you may already know, picnic baskets come in a variety of sizes, so be sure to choose the most suitable basket size.



When comparing picnic hampers, you have to consider pricing. Be sure to order a picnic hamper you can afford. Shipping fees also increase the cost of buying a picnic hamper, so be sure to compare prices hand in hand with shipping costs to ensure you are able to make a decision that is well-informed.


When to Order Picnic Hampers

Nobody goes picnicking during the cold winter months. Picnics usually start towards the end of Spring and throughout the warm summer season. Therefore, the best time to order picnic hampers is in the summer. If you know someone has an anniversary coming up in the summer, you can order the hamper and send it to them. If there is a special message you would like to include in the hamper, be sure to have the vendor write a small note with the special message.