Nightlife in Australia

Enjoy the Fabled Nightlife of Australia with these Travel Tips

Not everyone plans a trip to the land down under for its stunning scenery and wildlife tours; in fact many people enjoy nothing more than the fabled nightlife that each city has to offer. From Bar Lafayette in Perth that plays host to thousands of locals and holiday makers every year, all the way to Sydney Opera House for those wanting a little more culture during their stay; there are dozens of hot spots to choose from, but what are the most popular?


As mentioned above, the world-renowned Sydney Opera House offers visitors a unique taste of culture with its elaborate events and performances. Other hot spots include an exciting club called Home, as well as the Soho club and the reputable Grasshopper – all of which can be travelled to via cab in less than 25 minutes from the city centre.


As popular as Bar Lafayette might be, it still comes in second to the well-known Bob’s Bar that was named in honour of an Australian Prime Minister. If you’re looking for a little more whiskey in your evening, then the Varnish bar could well be the way to go. It’s located on King Street and is often referred to as Varnish on King, but as there’s no need to book reservations – you can just tell your driver the name Varnish and they will undoubtedly know where to go!


Melbourne is considered the party capital within Australia (although the other regions might refute this claim). You’ll get to decide for yourself by visiting the elegant Paris Cat Jazz Club, the Comedy Theatre (not to be confused with the nearby Comics Lounge, which is also great fun), the Waterside Hotel which features its own entertainment in the evenings, and the Ice Bar which sells… ice creams. All night long.

These are just a selection of the most enjoyable hot spots in and around Australia and there’s no better way to enjoy all that they have to offer than by booking a trip!